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"Dinner Again" Returns!

A Brand New Video

At long last, I’m pleased to share with you another episode of “Dinner Again” - a series in which I show you what I’m making for dinner at home with what I have around. Because getting dinner on the table every night is a feat! Last night we had miso soup with leftover bits (and I mean bits) of roast chicken, some bok choy and cabbage…

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This week is a Roast Pork sandwich with Broccoli Rabe and Provolone, loosely inspired by DiNic’s in Philly. I added a fennel-like salad to top this one along with some pickled peppers. It was very simple and very, very good. I used a leftover pork loin roast from an early in the week dinner party. I also talk about being a tennis widow, because it is my real life. Any other partners of tennis people out there?? And, some more sadness from the bread department.

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I’ll be back next week with À Noter and more “Dinner Again” field notes.

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I hope you enjoy the video!

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