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Colu Cooks: Warak Arish with Robert and Deanne

The Most Delicious Lebanese Stuffed Grape Leaves

This summer I had the immense pleasure of meeting and become friends with Robert Mansour and his wife Deanne Fitzpatrick. They were the first people to pop by the house when we arrived, and of course we bonded over (you guessed it) food. We have concord grapes growing on the property and Robert mentioned that he makes his mother’s recipe for Warak Erish (Lebanese stuffed grape leaves) with his. I immediately needed to find out how, so we went and made a video!

These two humans make me laugh harder than many people, and I have no idea why, but I’m grateful for it. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as we had fun making it. I’m giving you lovely paid subscribers the chance to watch it first.

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