Black Truffles!

And, a trip to Bellport, NY


I began this newsletter in the passenger’s seat of our car headed to Long Island. I was en route to Mama Farm in Bellport for my event with Elettra. Alas, I did not finish it in time, so please forgive this unusual Sunday installment. Sometimes, life happens.  That said, our event was so lovely and I met the most wonderful people! Also, hosting trivia games is a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that came!

If you ever make it out that way, please check out DelFiore’s Pork Store. They make fresh mozzarella every day and insanely good sandwiches. I also walked out with 2 pounds of sweet Italian sausage (with fennel of course), a beautiful hunk of pecorino, a seeded loaf of bread and three pounds of pasta I certainly didn’t need. My kind of place! 

Me and my pastas! Fusilli Lunghi is my favorite shape, but I can’t not pick up fresh cavatelli when I see it. Oh, and ravioli too. Plus, I love that Locatelli sign above my head. I feel seen.

À Noter


Black truffles from Fresh and Wild. My friend Ted runs this incredible company which sources rare and unique specialty ingredients to home cooks and restaurants. We collaborate on the fun black truffle video above for Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to gift someone a black truffle for Vday, order yours at or call 800-222-5578. Order by 12:00 PT Wednesday, February 8 for Valentine's Day delivery. And, for 10% off your first order use the checkout code VDAY10! P.S. I bought myself a truffle for my birthday this year and highly recommend it. 

Cooking With

An air fryer. I can’t believe it either, but I’m obsessed. I made the most incredible meatballs last week and they turned out perfectly crispy and browned. I also did chicken thighs for a Chinese inspired dish and they too turned out beautifully. Plus, no mess! I’m very pleased. Do you have a recipe you like to make using yours? Please share in the comments! 

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The Red Shoes for the 100th time, but not since I was a young person. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. Chad had never seen it before (he also loved it) and it’s now available on HBO. It’s a magical film. We also learned that Michael Powell, who made the movie with Emeric Pressburger, was one of Martin Scorsese’s favorite filmmakers. Other movies by Powell and Pressburger can be found here. 

No “Dinner Again” this week, but we have one in the hopper that we’re working on. Tonight’s dinner will be homemade pizza ( I froze some dough when I made it last) with some of that fresh mozzarella from DelFiore’s and a simple radicchio salad. I’m wiped! 

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Have a good rest of your Sunday. 

With love,


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